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Thu, 20 December 2018

The Developement History of virtual office


The first known serviced office company, OmniOffices Group, was created.


Serviced offices and executive suites were rented by Fegen Law Suites. This included large blocks of office space with furnished suites, reception services, telephone answering, photocopies, conference rooms, and a law library.


ARPANET, the predecessor to the Internet, went public by connecting 40 computers in different locations.


Attorney Office Management, Inc. developed an “off-site” program in response to lawyers wanting to partially retire. Instead of a full executive suite, Attorneys could work from home while continuing a part-time presence through AOMI’s Belery Hills location.

Jack Nilles coined the terms "telecommuting" and "telework."


Scientists with the Institute of Electrical and electronic engineers developed transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP), which allows different networks to communicate with each other.


Alf Moufarrige founded Servcorp in Sydney Australia In order to reduce his overhead, he began sharing his premium office space, receptionist and clerical staff with other growing businesses. Servcorp took its virtual office concept international in 1980 and in 1999 became a publicly traded company.


Released April 1, The osborne 1 became the first successful portable computer, designed by Adam osborne,Although it still required a power source, it was considered portable as it could easily be transported. This was a first step in allowing professionals to work away from the office.


ARPANET adopted TCP/IP, giving birth to the Internet

The term “virtual office” was used by John Markoff in an article published by Info World Magazine. Markoff wrote, “In the future virtual office, workers will no longer be constrained by computer equipment or geographic location, according to this vision. They will be free to travel or to interact with others while communicating information freely. The office as we know it will cease to have the central importance it does today.”


Chris Kern coined the term ‘virtual office’ in his column for the September, 1983 issue of the American Way magazine. Kern used the term to describe the possibility of ‘doing business while on the go’ thanks to portable computers.


The first personal digital assistant (PDA), the Organizer, was released by Psion


Timothy developed the World wide web considered as being a key aspect of the development of the Information Age

Alon Cohen invented the type of audio that later enabled the creation of VoIP. VocalTec was the first company to offer Internet phone services and also became the first successful Internet IPO. Today, VoIP phones are a popular service that virtual offices offer.


The first Internet search engine was developed by Mcgill university


The World Wide Web was released to the public. Also the first webcam, located at Canbridge university, was developed.


“Virtual Office” became a registered trademark for the first time when Richard Nissen registered the term with the UK’s Intellectual property

IP-based videoconferencing technology evolved with more efficient video compression to allow PC-based use. CU-seeme was developed by Tim Dorcey at Cornell, which allowed users to videoconference and instant message other users.


Ralph Gregory presented virtual offices as a franchise opportunity in the United States, turning the business into an industry.


At the Winter olympics opening ceremony in Nagano, Japan, Seiji Ozawa used IP-based videoconferencing to conduct the Ode to Joy from Beethoven ninth simultaneously across five continents in near-real time.


The first Symbian phone, the touchscreen Ericsson Smartphone, was released in 2000, and was the first device marketed as a "smartphone". It combined a PDA with a mobile phone.


Skype is released to the public, allowing free IP-based communications using microphone, webcam and instant messaging to individual consumers.


The official first “coworking space” opened in San Francisco by Brad Neuberg. That same year, the first Impact Hub coworking space launched in London


Frank Cottle introduced the concept of wholesaling virtual offices and services to third-party retailers. This launched an influx of virtual office companies that still operate today.



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