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Thu, 20 December 2018

Traditional services vs. Serviced offices

But is there a stigma around a business that only operates online and has no brick and mortar location? Can you realistically handle your business and technology needs from home or a remote location?

These are all questions we will consider as we compare the two: The virtual office vs traditional offices.

Virtual Office: The Pros

More cost efficient

It certainly costs less to work from a virtual office vs. a traditional office space. Without the added cost of leasing commercial property, you can concentrate your finances where you need them most.

And if a virtual office seems right for you now but you suspect you’ll want to move into a physical location down the road, it’s a great way to save some money while you work on growing your business. Then, when the time comes to move into a physical location, you’ll be ready!

More flexible

Things are more flexible when you work from a virtual office. Like the A/C turned all the way down to 59 degrees? That’s fine. Want to eat leftover garlic shrimp for lunch–with pesto pasta on the side? No problem. And if you need to go without a certain resource for a week or two, a virtual office enables you to do it without affecting others in the office.

No commute

You can sleep in or start early, whenever you choose. When you work from a virtual office, there is no commute, so you can say goodbye to the wasted hour and half you’d spend just being on your way to or from work. Use it to get more sleep or get an early jump on work each day!

Easier on the environment

Without the hour and a half commute you eliminate the gas and oil required to get you there and back and the wear and tear on your car. Also, no physical location means no additional garbage from other employees, less paper, and more. Working from a virtual office is a lot easier on the environment than working from a traditional office.


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