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Why would i need a Virtual Office?

Although a virtual office is not the only solution to every business, there are many good reasons why it makes sense to consider getting one. For start-ups, the little the capital you would have to let out, the better. This is because you are still starting and testing the waters. Getting a virtual office gets you going with the main and most important business operations and gives you the advantage of having a prestigious and premium business address to present to your clients and business prospects. Virtual office helps a business’ overhead cost by not requiring your small group of workers to go to the office.

Why would i need a Service Office?

(Office rental)This modern-day approach to office spaces provides a complete business solution, which have considerable appeal to small firms and start-ups. However, with serviced offices’ complete and equipped offices, most service provides also offer business support services that is considerably favorable for even large-scale companies. With minimal to no capital investment required in leasing an office space, businessmen can enjoy immediate access to fully furnished and well-equipped office facility without having to lose time and lose focus on the other and more important matter in their businesses.

Serviced Office compare with traditional Office Space?

Comparing the cost you can cut with getting a serviced office from getting a traditional office differs. It really depends on a lot factors, such as location, building facilities, and amenities, inclusions of the rental, etc., Getting a traditional office space may be less expensive than serviced office but traditional office spaces mostly just include a bare space, and that’s it. Additional expenses you would have to consider with this are building dues, electricity, office space set-up, IT set-up, office furniture, telephone lines, office space interiors, etc., In a way, serviced office spaces are offered in a more expensive price because it includes all of these things already. Most of all, serviced office spaces buy you more time for your business. Thus, giving you the capacity to focus on the more                        important matters to keep your business running smoothly.

Can i upgrade from Virtual Office to Service Office and vice versa?

Yes, you can.we welcomes you to upgrades and downgrades of your availed package. And you can customize everything in accordance to your requirement that most service providers do not offer.