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Thu, 20 December 2018

How to Get a Virtual OFFICE Address for an Online Business

You have several options available depending upon your needs:

Private Mailbox: This is the least expensive option where you can signup to get a private mailbox from your local post office. Unfortunately, your address will have a “P.O. Box” number on it. Furthermore, you cannot receive packages from other carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc), which might be a huge setback. However, the cost is minimal (usually less than $10/mo for most locations) and primarily depends on the size of the physical mailbox and the amount of time you need it for. It's definitely your cheapest option. You can also get a private mailbox from other places, such as UPSand Pakmail, which cost a little more, but do not have a P.O. Box number on the address and can typically receive packages from all carriers.

Virtual Mailroom: This is another option where you can signup with a service that provides you with a business mailing address in a city of your choice and they will scan and upload images of your mail to a secure website where you can view it. You can view your mail online and let them know whether they should shred it, forward it to you, deposit checks, or do any other necessary task. A virtual mail room costs a bit more than a private mailbox, but obviously offers a more prestigious address and convenient service for your business. Earth Class Mail is a well-established virtual mailroom service provider 

Virtual Office: This is the most expensive option and provides all the features that a virtual mailroom offers along with additional services such as physical office space or conference room rentals and virtual receptionists. This means not only having a prestigious mailing address, but also the ability to meet clients and hold meetings in an actual office space in a prime location. With this option, you get a more traditional & professional image that will impress your customers. A virtual office is our recommended choice as it does everything you need a real office to do, but without the high overheads and maintenance. VANTAGE OFFICE is a popular virtual office and has many locations starting around Idr 500,000 per month.


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